Be warned - This is NOT for the faint hearted

How mentally strong do you think you are? Are you physically able or, more importantly, do you have what it takes to push yourself, as well as your team, further? Could you keep going even when everyone around you is breaking down and even carry them through their tough times?

Can you work as a team member and a leader, and be responsible for your own decisions as well as solve problems under pressure when you’re tired, cold and hungry?​ The 6.6.6 Demons Challenge will consist of many trials including; running, wading, carrying, body weight and equipment exercises and more. ​
It will require physical and mental endurance, speed, strength and stamina​.
This will be the time where you will be asked to push through your individual limits and take yourself past your comfort zone into the unknown. You, as well as those around you, will be tested to the max.​

By the end of the 6.6.6 Demons Challenge (if you’re willing to put in everything you have) you will have a massive sense of achievement. Not only will you be more confident, more resilient and have more self belief (plus a cool Tshirt and Medal), you will also be better prepared for anything life can and will throw at you… GUARANTEED!!!​

6.6.6 Demons Challenge is open to everyone. The only way you will be pulled off by the Coaches is; you quit, for personal or team safety or you fail a Fitness test which if you fail you’re OUT, and this could be any time during 6.6.6 so be prepared! (the very Basic Standard of Fitness we are looking for are 1.5 mile run in under 11 mins and 50 burpees in under 5 mins). The Fitness test can’t be prepared for because every test is different. If you think you have what it takes, mentally and physically, then feel free to enter. However, you’ve got to really want it, as once you give in – you’re out – no different exercises, no second chances….OUT!

We don’t plan to break you or to make you quit, but to help you realise your full potential and discover that you can do anything you aspire to. Inspired by ‘Navy Seals Hell Week’, Foreign Legion and other Special Forces training from around the world, but most importantly, from our own knowledge, and personal experiences of some of the hardest courses we have been through whilst we were in the British Army; O.P.T brings you 6hrs 6mins 6secs!

Next Event:

To be announced

how much is it?

£60 O.P.T Members
£66 Non O.P.T Members

Competitors will receive:

A goody bag containing; branded tech T-shirt, 6.6.6 dog tag medal, water, food.
A sense of achievement like no other.
Grow your…
Leadership​ skills
Team working ability​
Self belief ​
Will power ​
Discipline ​
Courage ​
You will come out feeling like an entirely new person for what you’ve just gone through and achieved and build friendships for life.​

REDDITCH Arrow Valley Lake, B98 0LJ

BIRMINGHAM Cofton Park, B45 8UX

BROMSGROVE Sanders Park, B61 7JP

ALCESTER RFC, Birmingham Road, B49 5QF

DROITWICH LIDO PARK, Worcester Rd, Droitwich WR9 8AA

SHIRLEY PARK, Stratford Road B90 3AE

Outdoor Physical Training supports Fisher House which supports our injured Soldiers, this charity is close to our hearts, please click the link and donate to this amazing charity.